Micah Nordland

Programmer. Photographer. Artist.

Micah Nordland is a full stack web developer and photographer. He enjoys works of literature and art that inspire a sense of wonder and provide facinating worlds to explore. Some of his hobbies include cycling, pen and paper RPGs and video games.

Silliness is good, and so are dragons.

Grandfather and Grandson

Sometimes a glance can say it all.

Wind Turbine

Steady solitude in shifting circumstances


Beauty in unexpected times and places.


Whither it goes, no one knows.


A celebration of sparks

Rooster and Hen

Not at all like people.

The World Below

Pass unseen and unseeing.


Destination unknown.

Spider's Ballroom

Full of cold glitter.

Spiral Tree

Life has its twists and turns.

Ferris Wheel

Worldly amusements pale to the divine.